Woodward Cabin Project Completion!

October 26, 2016
A project begun in June at Northern Pines has been completed, all thanks to volunteers under the leadership of Don Arnold.  In June, Don Arnold brought a group of volunteers from Northern Light in Ramsey to begin the work of residing and staining the exterior of Woodward Cabin, a cabin at Northern Pines Camp and Retreat Center, Park Rapids, one of the camps of Camp Minnesota, Minnesota Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church.  

In October, an adult mission group from Eden Prairie United Methodist Church arrived at Northern Pines to spend a week working on projects at the camp.  This group came prepared to work on the siding, bringing supplies and tools and a monetary gift to help pay for supplies needed to complete the siding project.  This group of 7 individuals from Eden Prairie, Willmar, Hackensack, and Fort Pierre, SD were able to get the rest of the old siding off the cabin, stain the front side, and completed siding almost two sides of the cabin during their week at Northern Pines.  Don Arnold was there all week to help the crew with the project.  At the end of the week, a crew from Northern Light again came to Northern Pines to finish the project.  With the help of the team of 3 people and Don’s tireless work through the next Monday, the siding and staining was finished. We are very grateful to all who helped complete Woodward Cabin’s new exterior.

by: Leslie Hobson