"Pollyanna" and "Daisy Mae" Cabin Demolition Project

February 15, 2017
Demolition was completed this week on two cabins at Northern Pines Camp and Retreat.  This is a step forward in the plans to construct a new cabin on camp property in the future.  Leslie Hobson, director, reflected on the demolition.  “As I watched in fascination as the buildings came down, I was thankful for those who came before us creating this wonderful place.  I thought of all of the campers and families who have experienced life in these cabins.  I feel blessed to be part of the future of this camp as we continue to take the steps needed to build a new cabin.” 

Assistant director, Carol Ford, shared her thoughts about the cabin demolition: "It was with mixed feelings that I watched the cabins come down. So many memories within the walls and yes, on the walls. But they were tired and worn. The foundation of Daisy Mae was no longer strong enough to support the cabin. Like when our faith foundation becomes weak it is time to rebuild and look forward. As the area where the cabins was cleared, a wonderful space emerged. A new place for people to experience God. The reason we are Northern Pines Camp."