LYFE Camp 2016

June 23, 2016
Last week Northern Pines began its UMC camping season with a camp new to Northern Pines-LYFE Camp (Live Your Faith Every Day).  This camp started in 1954 and has called other campuses “home” before coming to Northern Pines.  This year 104 campers, leaders in training, and volunteer staff, led by Rev. Nate Melcher, experienced Christ, creation and community through the theme, “I Am Enough.”  Dress up Dinner, a dance and talent show were some of the community building activities.  Small groups, morning and evening worships, low ropes/initiative activities, and the Thursday Quest activity were experiences of Christ, and campers added to their story, that is part of God’s story in the world.  As campers experienced Sanctuary time each evening they sat on the edge of the lake and watched the sunset, an experience of God’s creation.