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2 bedrooms. Sleeps 7-8.


3 bedroom cabin. Sleeps 9-10.


3 Sleeping Areas. Sleeps up to 22.


1 bedroom 1 large sleeping area. Sleeps up to 12.


1 bedroom cabin. Sleeps 5-6.

Little Lemon

Sleeps 9-10

New Wesley

4 bedroom cabin. Sleeps 19-20 people. Available for rental Fall 2021.

Old Wesley

2 bedroom cabin, sleeps up to 10


1 bedroom cabin. Sleeps 3-5.Unavailable for rental Summer 2021.


2 bedroom duplex. Sleeps up to 9.

Susanna North

3 bedroom cabin. Sleeps 11-12. Available for rental beginning January 2021.

Susanna South

3 bedroom cabin. Sleeps 11-12. Available to rent January through September 2021.

The Lodge

Lodging: The Lodge sleeps a group of between 38-41 guests. There are 8 bedrooms that sleep between 3-10 per room. Each room comes with a private bathroom. Meeting Space: The Lodge at Northern Pines hosts 2 year round meeting ...

Three Oaks

3 sleeping areas. Sleeps up to 12.

Twill Do

2 bedroom cabin. Sleeps up to 14.


Lakefront 2 bedroom cabin. Sleeps 5-6.