Northern Pines United Methodist Assembly Ground's first camp was held in 1922. Prior to that time, a Park Rapids physician used the site for a tuberculosis clinic and hospital. Once TB was no longer a threat and epidemic, he sold the site for $4,000 to the Fergus Falls Institute. At that time, a modest number of buildings were on site. The camp began to expand and built several other buildings, such as a gathering auditorium, dormitories, and a dining hall to meet their growing camper's needs. In 1948, an area known as Hillcrest Gardens, a resort adjacent to the south and west of teh grounds, was also given to the institute. The site grew to approximately 48. The Fergus Falls Institute was dissolved in 1961, and the new managing board named the site Northern Pines United Methodist Assembly Grounds. In 1970, the camp's first "winterized" building was built, which allowed the camp to be utilized 12 months of the year. As time and resources have allowed, housing units have been built, renovated and removed throughout the past 77 years. In its original state in 1922, only summer camping was offered, but now it is a year around camp, offering campers opportunities for Christian fellowship in a beautiful setting.

Currently, there are 15 cabins (3 of which are duplexes giving us 18 units), the lodge, 2 tree houses, a staff housing unit, a year around dining hall and retreat center, 2 program units (the old dining hall and the arts and crafts building) and a chapel. The new dining hall, the lodge and 4 of the other housing units are winterized. Our summer capacity is 200 and our 4 season capacity is 83.


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