Red Pine Center and Dining Hall

Upper Level

The Upper Level includes a Handicap accessible bathroom and a Handicap ramp on west side of building.

Red Pine Main

  • Serves as our dining and large group gathering area.
  • Can accommodate up to 250 for meeting and 200 for comfortable dining.

Lower Level:     

The Lower Level includes a Handicap accessible bathroom.  Level to parking.

Fireplace Room
  • Comfortably accommodates group up to 25 in a living room setting.
  • The gas fireplace adds comfort and a sense of home.
  • Comfortable seating enhances the small group setting.
Heritage Room
  • Will accommodate up to 30.
  • Tables and chairs available to suit your group’s needs.
Riverside Room
  • Our largest meeting space on this level will accommodate up to 40.
  • Tables and chairs available.
  • Bunn coffeemaker, sink and counter are ready for your snacks.
Hess Room
  • This tastefully decorated room will accommodate up to 20.
  • Small group setting with 2 couches & chairs or we can add tables and chairs for your meeting.
  • Bunn coffeemaker, sink, counter ready for your snacks.